Casale Virgili is located in the village of San Dalmazio, a small district that bears the name of his parish.
Set in a lonely place, the origins of the village date back to 1347.
In fact, until 1904 the municipality of the city of Siena was bounded by the city walls. Up to this date, the area immediately outside the city walls was divided into three areas, known as "Masse", who took their name from the three "Terzi" in which he and the city is divided, namely: Masse del Terzo di Città, Masse di San Martino and Masse del Terzo di Camollia.
San Dalmazio, with many other locations such Casciano, Fogliano, Ginestreto, was part of the "Massa" del Terzo di Città.

On this ancient village, Casale Virgili born, like all Tuscan farmhouses, from an old farming family.
Linked to the sharecropping and alone in the countryside, distinguished unequivocally the landscape that surrounded her. Typical of his time, was developed on two levels. Typical of his time, was developed on two levels. Downstairs there were stables for cattle and upstairs was the home of the family.

During the twentieth century , the phenomenon of urbanization has led to a progressive depopulation of the countryside and a progressive deterioration of the old farmhouse .
But in the mid-80s Mr. Ivo Virgili saw this abandoned cottage in the ability to carry out his plan: to rebuild and renovate this house!

Working hard and tirelessly, helped by the rest of the family members (Enza, Simon and Angela), has managed to turn into reality what for many remains just a dream: to live in fantastic surroundings in the middle of the Tuscan countryside. And so, getting up early in the morning and going to sleep late at night with immense sacrifices and efforts he has dismantled, demolished, dismantled across the battered house, careful not to destroy the ancient terracotta tiles, bricks and above the ancient stones that made up the lining of the house. And then, with loving care he has restored walled and plastered every single brick, every tile and every stone that had previously saved.

In the recent restructuring of the B&B Mr. Ivo has used only first quality materials, preserving the old furniture, such as the typical closure of the windows, the use of bricks for the external paving, chestnut beams on the roof of the hotel rooms, so restore the environment to the ancient splendor.

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